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Healthy Longevity Center (HLC)

Healthy Longevity Ecosystem

The HLC is based on a dedicated healthy longevity research and innovation ecosystem that currently builds upon the expertise, know-how, and infrastructure of two key partners at UZH: The URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging and Center for Gerontology. To further expand and develop this area of research and innovation, healthy longevity (a) domains, (b) professorships, (c) research and innovation groups, and (d) service units are currently being established and will be housed in a new centralized location.

Healthy Longevity Domains

The HLC will be organized around five healthy longevity domains: Social and behavioral, environmental, data and computational, biological, and clinical sciences. These broad domains cover central areas of scientific longevity and healthy aging research.

Healthy Longevity Professorships

To foster independent and sustainable capacity for healthy longevity research and innovation within the HLC and at UZH for years to come, a number of tenure-track longevity professorships will be established. These professorships will be designed to contribute independent capacities to develop longevity and healthy aging research and innovation structures, products, projects, and processes.

Healthy Longevity Research and Innovation Groups

Key to the success of the HLC are agile Research and Innovation Groups that combine scientific domain expertise on high-density data streams, data science expertise to create just-in-time and context-aware applications, and practice and implementation partners to create social innovations. Each Group will aim to harness the complexity of healthy aging and longevity to create individualized, and, at the same time, situation- and context-aware interventions and innovations.

Healthy Longevity Service Units

To assist research and innovation within the HLC, a series of healthy longevity service units will be founded. Strongly interlinked with the Innovation Hub, they will provide specialized support on healthy longevity-specific issues across the areas of:

  • Societal Impact Assessment and Certification
  • Legislation and Policy
  • Scenario Planning and Forecasting
  • Test-Bed Development

These healthy longevity service units will serve as a direct point of entry for a variety of interested parties outside of UZH, such as the private sector, public stakeholders, foundations and NGOs.

Healthy Longevity Analytics Lab (HEAL)

The HLC will also benefit from a new infrastructure that will bring together experts from academia and industry with various backgrounds to foster synergies between healthy longevity, digital innovation, data management and analytics, and explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) specialists at UZH and ZHAW, and design specialists at ZHdK. They will support researchers to address pressing questions in healthy longevity research and digital innovation. HEAL will be embedded in the HLC at UZH and at the Center for Artificial Intelligence (CAI) and Datalab at ZHAW.