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Healthy Longevity Center (HLC)

Sandra Oppikofer

Sandra Oppikofer, Dr.

  • Innovation Development and Partner Manager & Group Leader / Innovationsentwicklung und Partnermanagerin & Gruppenleiterin
+41 41 440 65 13
Stampfenbachstrasse 73, CH-8006 Zürich

Forschungs- und Innovationsinteressen

•    Translational health research
•    Innovation in Dementia
•    Social support and quality of life in old age
•    Volunteering
•    Psychosocial interventions in old age

Ausbildung und Berufserfahrung

  • 2022 – today University of Zurich, Healthy Longevity Center, Innovation Development and Partner Manager & Group Leader
  • 2017 – today University of Zurich, URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging, Research Group leader “Gerontological Quality of Life Research”
  • 2004 – today University of Zurich, Center for Gerontology Zurich, innovation,
  • project management of gerontological interventions and evaluations
  • 2010 – 2013 Member of the Board of the Swiss Society for Gerontopsychology (SFGP)
  • 2004 – 2007 Swiss Alzheimer's Association Yverdon
  • Expertise fact sheets, evaluation proposals
  • 2003 City of Zurich Retirement Homes Foundation, Zurich
  • Conception, fundraising & project management pilot project SEBA (Staying independent in old age). Empowerment through movement and memory training
  • 2001 – 2003 Dissertation University of Zurich, Psychological Institute Zurich, ETH, Institute for Work & Organizational Psychology
  • Project "more..."; topic: Corporate volunteering, quality of life and social competence. Awarded 'summa cum laude'
  • 1994 – 2000 Studied psychology (specializing in social psychology), adult psychopathology and social and preventive medicine at the University of Zurich. 2000 Degree lic. phil. I
  • Licentiate thesis on the topic: "Well-being and social support in nursing home residents with dementia".
  • 1991 – 1994 HWV - Basel School of Business and Administration; Business economist HWV, specializing in marketing; degree in business administration HWV


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