• Vontobel Award for Research on Age(ing) 2023

    The UZH Center for Gerontology, a key partner of the HLC, oversees the yearly Vontobel Award for Research on Age(ing) endowed by the Vontobel Foundation. The award is given to one or more persons for completed, publishable or published work of excellent quality in the format of a journal article. The deadline for submissions for this year's award is April 30, 2023. More information about the award and how to submit an application can be found here.

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  • Visiting Fellows from the University of Queensland

    We are excited to announce that the HLC will be welcoming three Visiting Fellows for Research and Innovation from the Universtiy of Queensland, Australia, in 2023: Prof. Dr. Louise Hickson (Associate Dean External Engagement, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences) from April-June, and Prof. Dr. Nancy Pachana (Director, Healthy Ageing Initiative, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences) and Prof. Dr. Tim Kastelle (Director of External Engagement, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law) from May-June. The University of Queensland is a stragetic partner universtiy of UZH.

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  • Take It Easier

    Prof. Dr. Birgit Kleim (Co-Director, HLC) explores what makes us more resistant to psychological stress and how we can prevent stress. For example, by trying to reevaluate negative situations in a positive way. Her exciting research, including practical tips for everyday life, is featured in a recent UZH News article that you can read (in German) here.

    (Image: Diana Ulrich)

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  • UZH Joins Age-Friendly University Network

    With the help of Prof. Dr. Mike Martin (Director, HLC), the University of Zurich has been officially recognized as an Age-Friendly University, joining a global network of universities committed to addressing the needs of older people. UZH is the first university in the German-speaking world to achieve this designation. You can read more about this seminal achievement here.

    (Image: Ursula Meisser)

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  • Healthy Longevity Around the World

    The aging population is a global challenge that requires local solutions to help people lead healthier lives for longer. Researchers from UZH, led by Prof. Dr. Mike Martin (Director, HLC), and the University of Queensland are developing innovative approaches to provide targeted support to older people. You can read more about this exciting collaboration here.

    (Image: iStock, monkeybusinessimages)

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  • New UZH Healthy Longevity Center

    We are very excited to announce that a new Healthy Longevity Center is currently being developed at the University of Zurich with the generous support of the Velux Stiftung, obtained by Prof. Dr. Mike Martin, Dr. Christina Röcke, Dr. Susan Mérillat, Dr. Marc Grosjean (all URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging and now also HLC) and Prof. Dr. Harald C. Gall (Department of Informatics and now also HLC). You can find more information about healthy longevity research and innovation at UZH in a recent news article here.

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