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Healthy Longevity Center (HLC)


The HLC is the center for research, innovation and societal impact for healthy longevity at the University of Zurich.


What is healthy longevity?

Healthy longevity is the desired outcome of healthy ageing

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines healthy ageing as the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability (i.e., the capabilities that enable people to be and do what they value) that supports wellbeing in older age.

More information from the WHO about healthy aging can be found here.


What type of research do we do?

Basic and applied scientific research for healthy longevity

The HLC promotes and fosters the acquisition and use of data on the heterogeneity, complexity, and context-dependency of functional ability in healthy aging to create paradigm-changing research for healthy longevity.

More information about our research can be found here.


What type of innovation are we focused on?

Science-based innovation for healthy longevity

This type of innovation relies on scientific evidence to design and implement new solutions (e.g., concepts, processes, products, or organizational changes) that aim to improve the welfare and wellbeing of individuals and communities as they age.

More information from the WHO on what type of innovation is necessary for healthy longevity can be found here.


The HLC is organized around two main components:

The Healthy Longevity Ecosystem

The Healthy Longevity Innovation Pipeline