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Healthy Longevity Center (HLC)

Research and Innovation Groups

At the heart of the HLC are agile Research and Innovation Groups that combine scientific domain and data science expertise to create just-in-time and context-aware applications for social innovation. Each Group aims to harness the complexity of healthy aging and longevity to develop individualized interventions and solutions.

The following groups have been established to date:

Functional Ability Situation Tracking for Healthy Longevity (TRACK)

Healthy Cognitive Longevity Innovation (COGINNO)

Digital Mental Health Management (MHM)

Complexity Medicine for Healthy Longevity (COMPMED)

Language, Aging, and Central Hearing Disorders (LACH)

Healthy Longevity Longitudinal Data Valorization (DATAVAL)

Gerontological Quality of Life Research (GQOL)